High-Tech Peace of Mind in Elder Care

Published by InnoVox STL

The business of monitoring the wellbeing of an elderly parent, grandparent, spouse or friend is about to get a whole lot easier.

Coming soon to assisted living or independent living facilities—resident rooms equipped with a network of discreet, barely-detectible sensors that can determine if the resident is in bed or not, can determine anomalies in the climate of the room, can detect if a stove has been left on too long, if there is water on the floor of the bathroom, if the resident has fallen or is experiencing other types of distress, or if the resident is practicing regular hygiene.

Imagine all of that information, and more, being transmitted wirelessly to a “brain” within the room that relays the data to the facility’s staff in real time, alerting them to the potential need to provide immediate assistance.  Imagine that information then being sent to families to help them keep track of their loved ones.

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